Dreamscape Mandala I

Title: Dreamscape Mandala I

Technique: folding

Material: 77g/m2 Masa paper, artglass, wooden frame

Year of creation: 2024

Size: Framed – 53.5 x 53.5  x 7 cm

Dreamscape Mandala I’s geometric objects are shaped as pictographic tokens in the form of mandalas.

People can communicate with each other in many different ways. As a material, paper has given us a collective way of thinking and expressing that lacks a verbal-linguistic structure: forms that construct meaning by folding – origami. The symbolic shapes hidden in the abstract language of origami reflect subconscious images. “Humans depend on the imagination and its symbols of representation in poetic imagery, literature, painting, sculpture, and essentially all artistic, philosophical, and religious activity. We could not develop abstract intelligence, science, mathematics, logical reasoning, or even language, if we did not have the capacity to create these imaginative symbols” (Johnson 1986:24).