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Anne Rudanovski is an Estonian sculptor and art professor.

Anne Rudanovski, an Estonian visual artist and lecturer, delves into the world of paper, a man-made medium rich with cultural significance. Her creative journey reflects an unwavering fascination with paper’s boundless potential. With mastery over origami techniques, she brings captivating life to large-scale paper sculptures and installations. 

In 2019, Anne embarked on a six-month exploration, tracing the fading art of handmade paper across traditional ‘paper countries’ – China, Japan, Korea, and beyond. From mastering origami to uncovering paper’s heritage, her work bridges cultures and epochs. Her portfolio embodies tactile, intellectual, and historical dimensions. Rudanovski’s artistry transforms paper into vessels of culture, history, and philosophy, inviting viewers to traverse from the tangible to the transcendent.

She studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts 1984–1990. An example of her recent work is a series of exhibitions exploring and questioning the meanings of the book as a format, the first of which, ‘Appreciated and Abandoned Books I. The Repository’, was held at the Kondas Centre in 2017, focusing on the fate of thousands of printed reference works. This was followed by “AA II. Vanishing Time (2018), “AA III. The Need to Forget” (2018), “AA IV. Reading I-II” (2021).



2024 – June-August, personal exhibition at Tuuletorn, Hiiumaa, Estonia.


Selected Exhibitions of recent years

2024 – Cryptograms of Self. International exhibition of origami and paper art “Hands on Origami”. Museum For Papirkunst, Blokhus Denmark. 01.10.23 – 29.09.24

2024 – Installation NINNA NANNA. Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, 01.11.23 – 27.02.24

2023 – COSMOLOGY OF ORIGAMI, personal exhibition. Nelja Nurga Galerii, Kärdla

2023 – Secret Garden, group exhibition at  the large gallery of the Tartu Art House

2022 – Mandala objects as cryptograms of the Self, Group exhibition at Bridges Exhibition of Mathematical Art, Bridges Aalto 2022: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Culture. Aalto University, Helsingi

2022 – Mummicat and other feelings, group exhibition. Estonian Sculptors´ Union annual exhibition. „Konserveeritud mateeria“, Viinistu

2022 – Telliskivi Creative City sculpture festival “MESA – sculpture”

2022 – Boy of Forselius. He still reads. Installation. Prima Vista exhibition at University of Tartu Library. 

2022 – Postal Artist Books Exhibition. Q Galeria, Ecuador

2021 – ‘Unidentified’. Group exhibition  “Flows into Being”, Galery Pallas, Tartu 2021 – Time Folds. Installation at Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum, Shanghai

2021 – “Work of Time”. Installation.  Kaasaegse kunsti rahvusvaheline näitus “Kohanemine kahanemisega”. Eesti Kaevandusmuuseumi Valge maja, Kohtla-Nõmme, Ida-Virumaa. Näituse kuraator: Francisco Martínez

2021 – Postal Artist Books Exhibition. Rahvusvaheline ühisnäitus. Oficina Cultural Oswald Andrade, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2021 – Postal Artist Books Exhibition. Rahvusvaheline ühisnäitus. Pabellón de las Bellas Artes – UCA, Argentiina

2021 – Isikunäitus Hinnatud ja hüljatud raamatud IV. Lugemine I-II. Kondase keskus

2020 – Eestlase varjuks maailmas. Isikunäitus. TÜ Raamatukogu

2020 – Puust ja punaseks. Kujurite ühenduse aastanäitus. Rahvusraamatukogu

2020 – Tartu Interdistsiplinaar. Ruumiline plakat kui kunstiteos.

Public works

2022 – Boy of Forselius. He still reads. University of Tartu Library. 

2017 – The largest battery mosaic. Guinness record

2016 – Experimental Paper Theatre Show in Tartu New Theatre, Estonia

2015 – Modular sculpture for Tartu City Museum (with A-L. Unt), Estonia

2014 – New Angle. Modular sculpture for Tartu City Museum, Estonia