Dreamscape Mandala III

Dreamscape Mandala III

In this collection, paper art becomes a portal to another dimension, where the ordinary transforms into the transcendent. It’s the power of art to capture the fleeting moments of our subconscious, offering a glimpse into the mysterious landscapes of our innermost dreams. Each piece whispers secrets of the mind and heart, inviting you to lose yourself in the labyrinth of dreams.

Description: In my practice of this series, I use Japanese Masa paper with a weight of 77 g/m². It is easy to fold, the paper does not get tired, and keeps its shape even after multiple folding. I divide the square by dividing it into a grid of 2-4-8-16×16 squares. To create the objects, I use the Miura fold and the “water bomb” base fold, which forms a complex of folds and allows the folded plane to be bent into a spherical shape in the final result. “Numbers belong to both worlds, real and imaginary. Number is invisible and visible, quantitative and qualitative.” (C.Jung) The folded grid with diagonals starting from the corners consists of 256 squares using two techniques and internal (aesthetic) considerations.

Size: 50 x 50 cm

Paper objects: folded Japanese Masa paper with a weight of 77 g/m², objects glued on black background

Framing: The print is framed with a frame height of 5 cm and width of 2 cm, including museum glass for optimal clarity and protection.