untitled X

Medium: Origami-based Relief Sculpture, Signed

“untitled X” is an exquisite relief sculpture grounded in the art of origami. This piece features a series of geometric objects, each one intricately folded and strategically affixed to form a coherent pictographic language. The sculpture’s depth and dimensionality pay homage to a folding technique rooted deep in history, dating back to the origins of paper itself.

The material—natural and human-made—reveals the essence of the art. Its fibrous texture is not only foldable and bendable but also steadfast in holding the intended shape. The process of creating this art is meditative, requiring the full engagement of both hands, thus emphasizing the enveloping nature of the craft, where the act of folding transcends into the realm of ‘something more’.

Japanese Masa paper, chosen for its exceptional whiteness and delicate thinness, is ideal for crafting these miniature marvels. Measuring 20 x 20 cm with a grammage of 77 g/m², the paper is partitioned into a grid, often down to 256 squares, by successive foldings. The miura-fold and “waterbomb” base fold coalesce into a complex folding matrix, allowing the flat surface to gracefully curve into a three-dimensional form.

To date, 72 unique pieces have been created, each signed and standing as a testament to the artistry and precision involved. C.G. Jung’s contemplation of numbers as a bridge between the physical and the imaginal underpins this work. Numbers are not merely tools but experiences, carrying an archetypal significance that Jung considered to be as real as it is influential.

Introduce “untitled X” into your space and embrace a work of art that is a tactile journey through the beauty of geometry and the depth of imagination.